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Our Students Cannot Wait!

November 30, 2011

As an involved parent of four children I am always hearing from parents that they wish they could be more involved in the political process to elect candidates who will fix the education problem in Nevada. Yet, sadly the system itself is complex and not entirely inviting to parents and even teachers to add direct action into their busy lives.

This blog is a both a resource and a call to action.  The following topics will be covered so that by next legislative session we have a base of parents, teachers, and even students articulate about the issues ready to communicate that the system MUST change.

We have an election cycle coming in 2012 in which as involved stakeholders in public education we must demand that candidates answer the tough questions about education.

Working on the model of other advocacy groups I will post interviews and statements from candidates regarding education issues.

Please subscribe to the email list so as new information and action is posted you will receive it directly in email.

The same old way of complaining about our schools and forgetting about it every other year is not working. It is time to mobilize 24/7 via social media and direct contact. I sincere hope is that established groups will want to work with us. Yet we can’t wait another day as our teachers lose their pay and benefits, and students lose ground in the classroom.




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