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The Problem with Nevada’s Promise

November 30, 2011

Take a trip through the Nevada’s Promise presentation for 2010. First glance it identifies the challenges facing our school system. Yet its proposed solutions are WRONG for Nevada’s children.

View the Powerpoint Here 

In order to ensure a good quality education for all students we need to ensure that:

  • Public funds do not go to fund private schools.  Vouchers draw funds away from a budget already stretched thin and pays them to families who have already decided to pay for private education. Vouchers will never 100% cover the cost of a private school education leaving most families behind.
  • Teachers are well qualified and appropriately compensated. Teaching should be a career encouraging investment in a community where teachers can put down roots for their own families. At the end of their long service teachers deserve retirement security.
  • School administrators are true partners in education who must understand the unique needs of the neighborhood they serve.
  • Charter schools are truly public choice options for students of all income levels. Backdoor practices to keep out poor students by requiring the purchase of uniforms, transportation packages, or excessive fees keep out our most vulnerable students forcing them to be the last ones left in their neighborhood school.

Nevada’s promise is just bad policy. Shaking up an underfunded system does not fix it. All it does is move the target of discontent.

Making the Governor in charge of education policy is a bad idea when we continue to elect governors who promise to NEVER raise taxes in a state that already enjoys the lowest taxes in our nation. We cannot count on one single elected official to have the intellectual integrity it takes to put education first. It is our job to hold them ALL accountable.

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