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Time for Parents to Show up! Support Teachers! #CCSD #NVEd #NVTeach

December 8, 2011

No other group in our community is fighting harder for our kids than our teachers. Nevada is a hard place to be a teacher which means as parents we need to step up even more.

While media pundits attack our teachers they can’t fight back because they are in the classroom WITH OUR CHILDREN! This situation was foreseeable as shown in this message from August. 

The greatest gift we give teachers this season is our respect and a pledge that we will not stay silent in this fight!

It is time to stand up for the hardest working teachers in America right here in Las Vegas!

Teachers will use their collective voices to send a loud message to the School Board of Trustees at the Thursday, December 8th meeting, demanding that CCSD put every resource needed in the classroom in order for students to succeed.

This is what our local teachers union wants parents to know:

Invest in Education.

A key to student success is more resources in the classroom.

  How is CCSD going to deliver on a quality education for Clark County’s students when it is contemplating a reduction in force as a way to balance its budget?  If CCSD follows through with the layoffs, thousands of students will be shortchanged.  Larger class sizes will make it more difficult for children to receive the individualized learning that delivers student achievement and success.

Join the fight.  You are in the trenches working hard to provide your students with the best educational experience.  Let’s share with the Trustees the components necessary for a successful teaching & learning environment.

Key components:

· Invest in education:

o   Put resources back into the classroom

o   Create a positive learning environment

o   Embrace experience and new ideas that foster collaboration

· Invest in educators:

o   Provide adequate time to fulfill job expectations

o   Improve school climate & working conditions

o   Respect veteran teachers & those new to the profession

PARENTS: Our teachers NEED US at this Meeting! 

CCSD School Board Meeting   How to speak and Where to Go

December 8th – 4pm – Edward A. Greer Education Center, 2832 East Flamingo Road

This week principals were told to tell their teachers  –  either 700 teachers would be laid off at Christmastime OR the salary increase given to teachers in September would need to be returned.

This is UNFAIR! Teachers have always been willing to deal. The district needs to be willing to come to the table with a fair negotiation.

Teachers would like a deal similar to the one given to administrators this summer – 2% cost of living increase cut. It is not fair to ask teachers to pay MORE – up to 15% cuts in pay and benefits.

If you are not able to attend the school board meeting – please write your school board trustee and tell them . . . TEACHERS WANT A DEAL!

Please stop blaming teachers for this mismanagement!

Call 799-1072 and ask to be placed on the public speaker list under the Employee Labor Relations agenda item

Please stop telling the media teachers don’t like kids!

Tweeting at hashtags: #nved #ccsd #nvteach

— If you wish to address the School Board of Trustees:

Please keep in mind that public speaking (often times) takes place between 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., but as early as 6:30 p.m.

· Call 799-1072 and ask to be placed on the public speaker list under the Employee Labor Relations agenda item.

· Prepare a 3-minute speech/statement, but plan on reducing it to 2 minutes or less if there are many speakers present.

· When addressing the Trustees, please help us deliver this message:  Invest in Education — A key to student success is more resources in the classroom.

· As you prepare your remarks, please share with the Trustees the many challenges you are currently facing in delivering a quality education to the students you teach.  Let them know how these challenges will get further exacerbated if the resources continue to get cut.

· Wear RED in support of education and educators.

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