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Will Cutting Childcare Benefits Create a Pedophile Paradise in Nevada?

January 4, 2012

Read this sad release from our Governor:

Welfare Announces Reductions to Child Care Subsidy

220 Families will be Placed on Waitlist as Current Eligibility is Revised

Just another step in the un-ending cycle of poverty and low expectations for Nevada children. 

How do we expect low income Nevada families to pull themselves up by the boot straps when they have no one to watch their children so they can get to work?

How do we expect children from low income families to be ready to learn if they can’t attend Head Start?

Nevada we should be ashamed. All children deserve better than this!

Nevada tax payers deserve better.  Cutting the earliest programs just kick the can down the line (as GOP loves to say in our budget crisis) adding expense and inefficiency to our schools when children who would have been screened for Autism, ADHD, and other disabilities receive no intervention until they reach the kindergarten classroom.

We cannot kick families in the teeth for not working when keeping their incomes low may be the only way to get services for their child. Our community needs to respect work by giving families this critical hand up to be productive members of the workforce. This is only achieved by subsidy for high quality childcare.

Respect working low income families. Don’t place them in the position of having to decide to not work at all, leave their young children home alone, or worse place their children at risk of molestation with questionable caregivers because there is no other way to pay the bills.

We always have the money to investigate a child molester which costs considerably more than just having available the care children need in the first place. Are we at risk of creating a pedophilia paradise when our state creates the most desperate parents at the greatest risk of becoming victim to these skilled sociopaths.

Read Gavin DeBecker Protecting the Gift where he eloquently details how predators look for struggling families in order to gain trust and take advantage of children by offering free childcare. Unfortunately many of these parents know in their guts there is something not quite right about the offer, but faced with dire financial consequences the choice tips in the direction of accepting the help. When as a society we do not help families protect their children we are feeding the sick cycle of sex abuse.

Poor children face numerous challenges  that Governor Sandoval’s office has chosen to exasperate by taking away one of the last safety nets.


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