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Talking Back to the State of the District Speech for 2012

January 7, 2012

Click Image Above to View State of the District Speech for 2012


Dwight Jones State of the District 2012

From the begining when Mr. Jones complimented Governor Sandoval on his leadership of our state in the area of education. Really? What has Sandoval done for kids?

Mr. Jones took his shot at teachers that he is “disappointed” that there is no contract with teachers and promises one that shows “how much our district values their hard work.” Oddly that is not what has come across the table. How much do we value our teachers when we threaten them with lay-offs just before Christmas.

I don’t trust an administrator who does not admit that running a quality school district is going to cost MORE money than we spend today.


A couple of times he stressed the benefits of keeping funds in the classroom (but out of the teachers’ family budgets or in their healthcare trust). Interesting for a man with some generous extra benefits in his contract as shown below.

He shared that employees of the district know he will “take bold steps forward” and “get worse before they get better” which to me sounds like code that our working families serving the district are going to bleed a little more. He

What he says we can expect to see in the coming months:

  • Continued Work on Turnaround School Efforts
  • Re-Double Efforts Around Re-Claiming Drop-Outs
  • Reduce Costs
  • Investment in Talent of the Teachers to do the best work with their young people.
  • Investment in Infrastructure
  • Invest in the Human Resources System and reduce costs (code for working to take away Teachers Healthcare Trust)
  • Early Childhood Services

Dwight believes that community involvement is the key to turning around the schools. It sounds nice but it is really not that simple. Anyone who has worked with volunteer organizations knows that the ebb and flow of outreach is not what we should use as a backbone of our school system.

My experience having children in multiple schools is that this is a way to create “have” schools where the parents have the resources to put into their child’s education – and “have – not” schools where the parents fight for day-t0-day survival can’t take time off the clock to throw a pizza party. Empowerment schools work when you have a bunch of middle class mothers who want the social interaction of a volunteer organization. To those neighborhoods where parents can’t for any number of reasons, then it is YOUR fault your kid attends a crappy school.

We need a superintendent genuinely committed to EVERY child in our district. Not just the ones whose parents have the ability to complain.

 The community action we need is a long term solution to pay for education in our state. Teaching children costs money and we can no longer afford to have year after year of crisis. This is our hometown. Dwight from what I hear has not even moved his own family into our district. Las Vegas is not “good enough” for his precious family. It is time for parents to hold the entire chain of command that funds our schools all the way down to administrators that our families deserve a quality community.

A quality community starts with a quality school system.

I don’t see that commitment in Dwight Jones.

Please go home to your children and leave ours alone.


 Ref: Dwight Jones School District Employment Contract $270k a year, $700 a month for automobile, plus mileage reimbursement, plus health insurance, and retirement plus

To that end,
Mr. Jones shall be provided an allowance of $660.00 per month to defray the expenses associated with these activities.  Mr. Jones shall periodically report to the Board on his participation in community activities.    In addition, Mr. Jones may expend $4,000 per annum of the District’s funds for reasonable costs associated with professional dues and attendance at local, state and national school-related professional meetings. 

(6)  Leave accruals.  Mr. Jones shall be entitled to the accrual, use, and buyout of leave as that set forth in the CCASAPE agreement.  In addition, he shall be provided an additional seven (7) days of vacation leave each year of this agreement.  On each anniversary of the commencement of his service, Mr. Jones may elect to have the District compensate him for up to fifteen (15) days of vacation leave unused during the just completed year of this agreement at the rate of pay in effect at the end of the just completed year.  For this purpose, Mr. Jones is not restricted by the accumulation requirements set forth in the CCASAPE agreement.  Upon termination of this agreement, or any extension thereof, Mr. Jones is entitled to be compensated for up to 60 days’ unused accumulated sick leave at the rate of pay in effect upon termination.
(7)  Pre-Term Per Diem Expenses.  In the event that Mr. Jones chooses to travel to Las Vegas to meet with District personnel prior to the start of his employment, Mr. Jones may be reimbursed for up to eight (8) days at a daily rate of $1,000.00.  The District will also pay for travel to and from Las Vegas for up to four (4) trips, including reasonable hotel accommodations 4 and per diem allowance consistent with District policy.  Travel will be coordinated by the Board’s executive staff.
(8)  Moving Expenses.  The District will reimburse Mr. Jones’ expenses in relocating from Colorado to Las Vegas, Nevada in an amount not to exceed $15,000.00.  Mr. Jones will provide the District receipts for expenses related to this relocation, and the District will reimburse said expenses within 30 days.

It will be interesting when Transparent Nevada posts the most recent CCSD warrants to see how many pre-employment trips Mr. Jones enjoyed on the district dime and a confirmation as to if he has received relocation benefits for his family yet.  

PLUS he has a 12 month golden parachute money guarantee!

(b)  Termination for convenience by Board.  In addition to the nonrenewal provisions set forth in Paragraph 6 above, the Board may terminate this agreement by providing Mr. Jones ninety (90) days notice of termination.  In the event of such notice, this agreement shall be at an end on that 90 th  day, and Mr. Jones shall be paid, in a lump sum payment, all salary and monetary equivalent of employee benefits owing to Mr. Jones hereunder for the 12 month period following such early termination, or for the period of time remaining on the current term or extension, whichever period is less.  Other than said lump sum payment, the Board and District shall have no further obligation to Mr. Jones, save the payout of accumulated benefits as provided herein in Paragraph 4(b)

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